Design Tips & Tricks

I always work within your taste and budget. Within those parameters, I have a few things that I tend to prioritize to make sure we get to maximize the resources that we have to work with. These are all processes that I prioritize in my own home, and I feel confident that they would help us maximize our time working together too.


This is certainly easier said than done! Start by evaluating each horizontal and vertical plane in a room. Rather, start by tracing your eyes from left to right, then top to bottom, and vice versa, and as you go, ask yourself how you feel about each piece. Do you cherish it, or is it just filling in a blank space? Even by taking out a few unnecessary items you can give a room a fresher feeling.

Invest in quality lighting

If you're already putting forth the resources to design a space, I have found that lighting is one of the most important, but also easiest to forget, factors. There are tons of lighting sources that make beauty and function combinable in overhead, task, and ambient lighting. Consider updating lamps with fresh linen or paper shades, and adding silicone or silk-wrapped bulbs to chandeliers or sconces. Additionally, I've found that adding dimmers allows for a more customizable lighting setup so you can adjust the light to your mood or for whatever you're doing in a given space. Lighting is what finishes a space, adds drama, and makes it unique!

Mix it up

To create a space that feels fresh yet has character, consider mixing old and new pieces and styles. For example, pair an antique piece with modern lighting or add a striking piece of quality art. By creating a special mixed vignette, your home will have interest and personality.

Add something green

Adding a live plant to a room adds the simple element of life. A beautiful container with a plant or a vase with fresh flowers speaks to the details of the room. My favorites are angel ferns, succulents, or even beautiful orchids.

Let's get started on your design project.

Every project begins with an in home consultation. During this initial meeting, we will discuss your style, design needs, and scope of the project. By the end of this meeting, I will recommend a plan that aligns with your goals and budget. If you're ready to begin revitalizing your home, I'm excited about the opportunity to work with you and your family.