Four Interior Design Trends in Steamboat Springs

And Four Trends That Are Coming to a Close

In the coming months, we will begin to see new design trends influenced by a year of being locked down in our homes. You will start to see more cues taken from nature, and the past, within the home.

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If you’re ready to refresh your home, it may be time for an interior design consultation with Mary Norris Interiors to create a curated and comfortable style in your home. Keep reading for four trends that you will start to see more of and four that may be outdated.

 linen textiles

Going Green

Not necessarily green in color (although we foresee green kitchen cabinets being a huge trend in 2022), but environmentally friendly. We are beginning to see a lot more eco-friendly design elements in the home and fewer synthetic materials.

In addition to being more conscious of the way we are designing our homes, natural materials like organic cotton and linen bring warmth and airiness to any space. If you are looking to incorporate more sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly materials into the home, contact Mary Norris Interiors for your interior design consultation today!

foyer with french doors

Statement Entryways

In the 2010’s we saw the interior design scene flooded with barn doors. As we head further into the 2020s, you will start seeing these rustic elements disappear in favor of the cleaner, more sophisticated look of pocket and classic french doors. If your entryways need a refresh, book an interior design consultation with Mary Norris Interiors today.


Grandmillennial or Granny Chic

For the last decade, minimalistic designs, shiplap, and statement walls have been constants in interior design. As we head into the next decade, the all-white look will become a thing of the past. The Grandmillennial or Granny Chic style evokes all things nostalgic and traditional. Think floral prints, delicate china, & vintage furniture. It can be a complex style to wrap your head around, so contact Mary Norris Interiors today for an interior design consultation.

orange sofa in modern living room

Combining Contrasting Elements

Gone are the days of matching everything. Matching furniture sets can make a room look dated, while too many matching textiles can make a room look boring. Throw out your design rule book and start incorporating all the patterns you have been too afraid to combine in the past. This is a bold design statement that could take some getting used to, but with the help of Mary Norris Interiors, you could be living a bolder, but cohesive aesthetic!.

The start of the 2020s has brought about some gorgeous design trends that are almost the complete opposite of what we’ve seen in interior design in Steamboat Springs. A new decade could mean a fresh update for your home. If you are tired of looking at outdated home interiors and you want to zhuzh up your space a bit, or even if you’re looking at a complete redesign, contact Mary Norris Interiors today.

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