We are passionate about creating spaces that are curated, comfortable, and brimming with gorgeous details that reflect your own lifestyle and personality!

Because every project is unique, each service offering is tailored to your needs and scope. Whichever service is right for you, our goal is to save you time, money and mistakes. Ready to do this? Let’s get started!

How to get started

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Schedule a free discovery call

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Schedule a Design Consultation

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Select a design service

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Services We Offer


Our most comprehensive design service. We design and manage all aspects of your project to completion .

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A professional by your side for a specified time, to assist you in achieving a cohesive aesthetic and design.

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Get your interior or exterior color solutions right the first time thereby creating a fresh look and cohesive flow.

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Receive a master plan for creating a professionally designed space to implement on your own.

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A six hour VIP Day to receive expert guidance with targeted solutions to solve your design dilemmas.

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Service applications

Here are a few ways that any of the above services could be applied to your home.

Kitchens and bathrooms

Finish selections

Space planning

Window treatments

Home office design

Wall coverings

Lighting design

Paint selection

Additions and renovations consulting

Fabrics and upholstery

Floor covering selections

Furniture and accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve had our initial design consultation, now what?

After our design consultation, the scope of your project is defined, and a tailored service will be recommended. The nitty-gritties of your ideal service will be detailed in a letter of agreement and sent for your approval. Upon acceptance and payment of design fee agreement, your custom design process begins!

What is your typical timeline for a project once I sign your agreement and pay the design fee?

For Full Service Custom Interior Design: Plan on me being part of your life for a good chunk of time. Depending on the scope of the project, a typical design project lasts at least 4 months. Generally, two things hold up a design: decision-making and furniture delivery. Once decisions are made, I can estimate your timeframe based on the pieces selected. For the VIP Virtual Design Package: Once I receive your signed contract, along with your completed “homework” (questionnaire, room measurements, and photos,) you will have a finished design package in 3-4 weeks.

I’ve never hired a designer before. What should I budget for a typical room?

My goal is to give you a finished, tailored space. That means more than just a couch, lamp and coffee table. This could include everything from the little accessories layered around a room, to the art, lighting, window treatments and floor covering. Depending on what space you are wanting designed, I will be glad to give you worksheets to help you itemize and further understand how these finished items add up.

Can I keep some of my belongings?

Absolutely! I love a room with curated and collected pieces! A lot of my clients have a sentimental or key piece that they want to incorporate into their design. Together, we will consider the design direction you are wanting to achieve, and discuss how to integrate your piece into your personalized home!

You have presented your design plan and proposal and I want to proceed, what happens next?

Once the design plan is approved and proposal payment received, ordering, tracking, receiving, inspecting, and warehousing of each item occurs. For custom products such as window treatments or upholstery, all components have to be received by the workroom or manufacturer before production can begin. Each product is dependent on availability as well as manufacturing and shipping timelines. During this period things can appear to be “quiet” from your perspective, but this is where all the behind the scenes nitty-gritty occurs ensuring every detail is handled. I promise you will have your ooh-la-la moment!

Ready to get started?