Designer by Your Side


Designer By Your Side is a service that affords you a block of hours to receive expert guidance, targeted solutions, and styling tips and tricks from a professional interior designer to solve your design dilemmas. This customizable offering is perfect if:

  • You need a few drop-dead fabulous accessories, lighting, and well-placed art to make your old room suddenly new!

  • Your windows need some fabulous treatments.

  • You need help re-imagining and fluffing a space using existing furniture.

  • You’ve moved and need direction for your new abode.

  • You are a DIY-er who enjoys doing their own purchasing and executing their own design, but need professional guidance.

  • You need help with finish selections and/or guidance for a remodel or new build.

  • Just want to noodle on your design together!

This service is valid for a period of 6 months from time of purchase.

Ready to get started?