How Interior Design Affects Mood

The Science Behind Interior Design

People tend to think of interior design as a talent that you either have or don’t. The reality is that there is actually a great deal of science behind what makes a room appealing and it’s all based on sensory reaction to environmental stimuli. Think about how you feel in a cluttered space? Probably a little anxious, right?

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Mary Norris of Mary Norris Interiors suggests “creating spaces that are curated, comfortable, and brimming with gorgeous details.” To find out more about how interior design affects mood, keep reading, then contact Mary Norris Interiors to learn even more from Steamboat Springs’ only True Color Specialist.

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It’s no secret that color can greatly impact our mood. Blue for instance is associated with the sea and sky. It's calming to us. That's why we see blue hues used in bedrooms a lot. If you’re unsure what colors to use throughout your home to create the right ambiance or to work with your existing fixed finishes, contact Mary Norris of Mary Norris Interiors. Steamboat Springs' only True Color Specialist.


Use of Space

Nobody likes a cluttered space. It makes you feel antsy and on edge. However, an area that is too sparse can feel lonely. That’s why an interior designer’s most significant challenge can be figuring out the best use of space. Providing storage solutions to hide the clutter and creating a layout that makes the most of the area are just a couple of ways Mary Norris Interiors can help make great use of your space.

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Think about schools with fluorescent lighting to keep you awake and focused versus the illumination at a spa designed to relax you. Mary Norris Interiors recommends using creative lighting solutions to curate the mood you want in your home.

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Feng Shui

Feng Shui focuses on the optimal placement of furniture and objects to attract positive energies to your home. For example, place furniture facing the door, add plants, and keep clutter to a minimum. This opens the space up for good energy to flow in and negative energy to flow out.

From the spaces we work in to the areas we live and eat in, there is far more science behind our surroundings than you may realize. When you are beginning a new project, it’s essential to keep the psychology of interior design top of mind. How do you want to feel in the space? How do you want your guests to feel in the room? Once you’ve considered that, contact Mary Norris Interiors to book your interior design consultation and start creating a home that reflects your lifestyle and personality.

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