How Interior Design Can Improve Your Life

We at Mary Norris Interiors know a thing or two about designing your home into an elegant space the whole family can enjoy. Many homeowners tend to focus on the upkeep of the exterior of their home since this is the portion everyone can see. That said, interior design is just as important because it can improve your life in numerous ways! If you already have a plan in mind, check out our website to find out why we are the best interior designers in Steamboat Springs!

designed living room


We have all likely felt the overwhelming feeling an unorganized home can bring. When there is an abundance of things lying around, it can affect your mood for the worse. Change that with creative organization! We can provide you with custom designs meant to keep organization a priority, which will allow you a stress-free life.

designed living room

A Relaxing Environment

A home is where you should feel comfortable and relaxed, as you may spend most of your life there. Whether it is the paint colors, lighting, or furniture design, we can help establish a space that screams relaxation! It may not seem obvious, but the placement of most objects within your home has an impact on your ability to feel comfortable, so contact us to enjoy your space to its fullest extent!

designers looking though swatches with client

Emotions and Mood

Color psychology is the thought that specific colors affect your mood and emotions. We, as designers, understand the impact colorways can have on individuals, which is why we take them into account when designing the interior of your home. Not only that, but lighting can also play a role in influencing emotions, which is something we will make sure to work around.

designers looking though swatches with client

Express Yourself

Your home is an extension of you, and it is a place where your personality can shine! Whether you want to portray an elegant, classy, fun, or wild character, we at Mary Norris Interiors have you covered.

If you feel that an interior designer is something you need in your life, check out our website to see some of the work we have created. Shop now and get started today!