How to Create Modern Rustic Interior Design Styles

A modern rustic design is a blend of two different categories: modern and rustic. There are various versions of these interior design styles that can be anything from a farmhouse décor to a Tuscan-style estate.

The Mary Norris Interiors team uses a modern rustic design to give your home a contemporary and natural feel. We make this possible by using the natural and soothing features of rustic and luxurious modern finishes to create the perfect look.

To create a modern rustic design, we do the following:

1. Utilize Raw Wood and Stone

Raw wood and stone have a natural effect on the home. We use the two materials to preserve the character and original edit on the walls and floors. In addition, the team uses reclaimed wood or stone for the fireplace.

A good interior designer for homes understands that there must exist a bond between the interior and exterior. So, for our part, we also use reclaimed wood and other natural finishes to bring a modern and rustic effect to the home's exterior.

2. Use Simple Natural Fabrics

To create the modern rustic design, we use simple fabric without any prints. Furniture also has to be as neutral as possible. Most of the materials used are jute, sisal, and hides. Hides are one of the best options because they are durable and also have a natural look.

3. Stick to a Natural Color Scheme

Keeping the walls white and using natural materials such as wood and stone are two ways to create this design. We supplement the walls by using a rustic color scheme for the fireplace.

A natural color scheme creates a comfortable and cozy environment for the family. Hiring an interior designer helps you stick to a theme that accentuates your modern rustic look.

4. Add Modern Art

Adding modern art is one of the simplest ways of creating a modern rustic look. Our team achieves this by exposing the beams and the hardwood floor for a rustic look and using modern art to describe the design.

Modern art helps you tell your story by utilizing the texture and color of art pieces.


When creating the perfect modern rustic design, there are many options to choose from. Our professional team considers your home and comes up with ideas on optimizing the interior design and decorations.

Residents of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Steamboat Springs, Colorado, are some of the people who enjoy Mary Norris Interiors design solutions at affordable prices. So allow us to add cozy textures to your home today!