Why You Need a Color Consultant in Chattanooga

The right color schemes make your home appealing and can give it a unique touch. We can describe a color consultant as an expert with knowledge about the existing color trends and their effectiveness on any home.

A color consultant specializes in complex colors and comes up with recommendations that match the client's expectations. They also have to consider the natural environment when making the suggestions. Here are four reasons why you should seek the services of our interior designer for homes and color consultants from Mary Norris Interiors.

1. We Create the Perfect Color Schemes

Ideal interior design styles bond and engage you with your home. Having a color pattern that matches your surroundings, furniture, art, kitchen, and the whole space makes your home feel comfortable and gives it a theme. Our teams understand complex color effects and use this knowledge to add virtual and psychological effects.

2. It Saves You Time

If you opt to create the best color scheme on your own, you end up spending more time than if you used a color consultant. First, you will have to search for the color pattern and purchase them. After that, sample them to see if they match your home. If they do not, you go back for other options. This is not only time-consuming, but it can also be exhausting.

Why don't you leave all the work to us and let us figure out the best interior design solutions? We have done enough research and training to know what works where. Hiring an interior designer guarantees better results than when you do it yourself.

3. Saves You Money

Save the money you spend searching, sampling, and purchasing different color equipment by involving our team. Instead of doing the color search solo, why don't you ask a color consultant to guide you through?

Our services are affordable, and we offer estimates after a brief walkthrough. We also give suggestions and ideas to try based on our working theories.

4. You Get Expert Advice

A good color consultant knows how to match and blend the exterior and interior color schemes. They consider various elements in your home, such as space and furniture, when making these recommendations.


Mary Norris Interiors evaluates the current color finishes and considers your home vision to make educated and informative decisions. As a result, we transform and bring new life to your home space. Our team operates in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Call us for a unique color experience.